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Word from QAFL coach Tony Lynn on the 2022 season

"We have had a really good preseason with solid numbers showing up for training. Our focus has been on fitness, skill work, teamwork and club culture. The players have responded really well and have kept up the momentum despite working through some tough training runs, including a preseason camp at the Sunshine Coast. It's really pleasing to see such high levels of fitness across the squad.

The colts trained with the seniors and reserves in the preseason, which allowed them to integrate into the QAFL program and give them a chance to benefit from training in a senior environment. While the squads are now split, we have a talented crop of colts coming through and those who are ready to play games at the reserves and senior-level will get a chance to do so.

Our main goal in 2022 is to make finals and win a final, while our smaller goals on a weekly basis will be defined by winning quarters and building that momentum as we progress through the season. Our focus on fitness will allow us to remain competitive for four quarters, and our work on football skills and football IQ will hopefully bring a solid basis to our game. We're looking for the players to focus on their team and be selfless; we want them to play their allocated role."

We have a relatively young team this year as some of our older and experienced players have moved on. Our current leadership team are doing a great job of setting an example for the players and driving the culture that is resulting in the strong work ethic we're seeing. We're very optimistic that with the quality of our players and the talent emerging from junior football we can progressively improve through the year to make finals."

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