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The 2022 season from women's head coach, Tim Douge

"The preseason has been very positive with our returning players training well and stepping up to welcome and guide our newer players. We've been focussing on moving the ball quickly and bodywork, which is an area that people new to the game can find challenging. We're holding an all-day preseason camp in the coming weeks to build on our preseason focus and enhance our teamwork, which will launch us into the season.

Our main goal in 2022 is to get our players to enjoy themselves and feel like they belong. We (the coaches) want to create an educational environment where the less experienced players can develop skills and a better understanding of the game, and the more experienced can take their existing skills to the next level.

We have a great group of women and their strengths should see us develop our game further this season; we have some fast learners who are grasping the game quickly, and strong athletic skills across the group. The new season format of playing a senior and reserves competition will bring us into line with other senior football competitions and should help the squad develop even further. We are also looking at how we can integrate our U17s players to assist with the transition from youth to senior football, and are really excited about the experience and skill they will bring from their years of playing junior football."

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