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Indigenous Round 2021

Sir Doug Nicholls Round – one of the most important rounds on the footy calendar

recognises and celebrates the Indigenous contribution to the game and one of the many

highlights of Sir Doug Nicholls Round are the specially designed Indigenous guernseys

which are an incredible tapestry of art, spirit, colour and meaning 🖤❤️💛

At the Mt Gravatt Vultures, we are grateful to have the support of both players and community members who design incredible guernseys for our men’s and women’s players to wear with pride. Jesse Green is one such player who has been instrumental in the design of Mt Gravatt’s indigenous jersey’s and this is what Indigenous round means to Jesse.

"Indigenous round to me is a celebration of our First Nations culture. As we know, AFL is embedded with the ancient Aboriginal game "Marngrook" throughout it, so as a proud Badtjala/Woppaburra and Gunditjmara (Where Marngrook was played) father, it is great to be playing the sport we love today, in a similar way to how Marngrook was played for thousands of years on this land. It is also a way in which we can strengthen the community, bringing everyone together to celebrate this wonderful round."

~ Jesse Green

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