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In 2022 we had over 350 junior boys & girls and close to 200 senior men & women running around in a Vultures jersey.

The club continues to grow and as it does we need to ensure every player and their family feels a part of this great community.


For the 2023 season we are seeking support from players, parents and supporters from all age groups to run the club, and to ensure all teams are heard.

Below is a structure and list of roles we are seeking your support to fill.  The goal being to see many people playing a small part to ensure success across the whole club and to ensure players, coaches and volunteers are well supported - many hands make light work!


Please have a look at the structure and the roles to be filled here.  Position Descriptions and full details of the roles are still being developed.

If you have any questions or would like to be a part of the team for 2023 please contact Vice President, Russell McDonald,, 0401 685 171 or President, Daryl Guilford,, 0417 796 535.


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